Milestones Therapy Center

A division of Centegra Hospital-McHenry
394 Federal Drive, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014  -  815-459-3810

k i d s  s h a l l  a c h i e v e !

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy geared towards children incorporates a unique blend of exercise and therapeutic play to enhance and develop the abilities your child needs to improve. 

Occupational Therapy

The focus on developmental milestones, sensory processing, fine motor skills, and coordination are all part of our occupational therapy segment. 

Speech & Language Therapy

​Addressing speech and language difficulties is crucial at a young age. The faster and earlier that these challenges are worked on, the easier it is for your child to adapt to more normalized speech patterns.
Pediatric Aquatic Therapy & Fitness Center

These two new facilities have been built with the children in mind and can lead to benefits such as sports injury reduction, faster development through weight bearing activities, obesity concerns, and so much more!

Programs That Make a Difference

Find our about some of the specialty programs Milestones offers children from the Sensory Learning Program to Bio-feedback for Incontinency. 

New Patients

​Milestones is always welcoming new families and new patients. All applicable forms for ne​w patients can be conveniently downloaded and filled out before your first visit.


what milestones can your child achieve?

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Visit our contact page or call us at (815) 459-3810 to schedule an appointment or to talk to our skilled staff ​about how we can help fulfill your child's needs.